On-Page Search Engine Optimization

At Siimply Web Services, we are keen to make sure that your website meets the On-Page Optimization, to improve its performance on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). To that end, our team will provide a clear strategy for optimizing the website content and the structure of your website.

Website Audits
Content Marketing
Keyword Research
Website Redesign
Analysis of Current Market
Social Media Analysis

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

As the name suggests, this entails performing various activities apart from the website to improve website traffic and rank higher on search engines. At Siimply Web services, we provide the following off-page SEO Techniques.

Search Engine Submissions
Online Directory Submissions
Online Social Bookmarking
Link Building and Others

We provide tracking and reporting services overtime. This is to guide strategy development, to ensure you continue enjoying high ranking on Google and other leading search engines.

Paid Search Engine Advertising / PPC

Apart from the free search engine marketing techniques like On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques, we also deploy pay per click techniques. Our team will deploy the following PPC techniques:

Competition Research and analysis
Analyzing the Target Market
Determine Suitable Daily Budget
Other PPC Techniques Include

Therefore, talk to Siimply Web for your PPC strategy development, and deployment of various techniques designed to help you advertise on search engines.


Our Approach

  • To help our customers to attain a full potential through digital marketing, we start by conducting an analysis of the business and gather the required information.
  •  Our web marketing team embarks on strategy formulation and will create a blue print plan that will be our guiding thread.
  • Then come the execution of the custom strategy and we will monitor the result as well as the analytics to ensure the success of our campaign.

Some of the most effective online marketing strategies that we provide include social media marketing, Search Engine optimization for organic ranking, Pay Per Click campaigns and optimization of either of the above to attain the desired goals.

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