Why google street view virtual tours


Your Google business listing is your company’s most visible asset. Improve your presence with Street View content.

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Plant your flag. When prospective customers seek you out on Google Maps, help ensure that their first encounters are great ones.

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Give travelers a tour of your hotel when they find your property on Google Search or Google Maps.

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Businesses with search listings are

  • 94% more likely to be viewed as reputable
  • More likely to be used than businesses without a listing.
  • 29% more likely to motivate consumers to consider purchasing goods or services from them

Increased Online Visibility

Those who view a listing with a virtual tour are twice as likely to be interested in booking a reservation there. And among 18-34 year-olds in particular, prospects are 130% more likely to book based on a tour.

Great for Your Website

A virtual tour is great quality content for your website. By adding great content and helping keep your average site viewer on your website a bit longer, adding a virtual tour is great for your website’s search engine optimization.

Extremely Affordable

Getting a Street View Trusted Virtual Tour published to Google Search and Google Maps for a one time set up cost is a great value. The virtual tour will help bring customers to your location every month, but you only pay for it once.

Very Useful Sales Tool

If you get calls or emails regarding the layout of your location or the types of products you sell, a Google hosted virtual tour is a great way to give people a visual of your offer. Make sure your employees know that the virtual tour is live and they can use it to land sales or book events.

Show up when it matters the most

Invite customers in with indoor street view of your business on google maps and search.

Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.

When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.

On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.


More credibility


More fun for visitors